First post

So yesterday I uploaded my first book up on Amazon for pre-order. I don’t think I have ever been as scared as I was in that moment. At the same time it was a dream come true. Well kinda, you see when I started out on this journey I thought it was going to be a easy going book. My plan was to write a HEA short for a friend. When the characters started talking they had other ideas. Well Gavin did but that is beside the point as Sam didn’t really put up a fight. At that point I messaged a friend and my first words were I CAN’T DO THIS. She of course asked me why. All I could tell her was OMG at the parts playing out in my head but with her encouragement I went ahead and wrote what I once had thought was impossible. Anyways, you didn’t pop over to hear that crap.  I am still waiting on the pre-order link so that I can start to share. I hope you all pick up a copy if that is your thing and you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Until next time. Stay who you are and never be ashamed of what you read!


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